I left the website before buying but it won't happen again

I left the website before buying but it won't happen again

In May 2021, I came across a site that offers beautiful swimwear. 

I add the item to my cart. 

They ask me for my shipping address. Ok...

My email address. OK...

My bank details. Ok... 

Then at the last moment, before buying, I was forced to create an account on the site.

It was too much for a simple bathing suit. 

Anyway, I left the site before buying.

I talked to Benjamin about it. We had both lived several times this bad experience. We didn't understand why on Amazon it's magical and on other sites, it's a disaster !

We are THE generation that can :

- Order food in seconds ✅

- Exchange money in seconds ✅

- Order a cab in seconds ✅

- Schedule a vaccine appointment in seconds ✅

In short, we can do lots of things in seconds except one: 


Let me explain:

- Brands ask their customers to create an account

- To identify themselves

- To fill out the same information with each purchase

On average, +15 clicks: that's a lot for a generation that wants to do everything fast from anywhere on any device. 

👉 Disappointed customers who end up not buying from e-commerce sites! (And who won't come back again, like me) 😡

👉 Losing brands with super high cart abandonment rates (+40% for the reasons mentioned) 😫

We started talking to e-merchants to understand these problems and find a solution.

And the solution came : JUST 💥

JUST is the breathtaking 1-click checkout experience that people adore ! 

With only 1 single tap, we make people and merchants happy when it’s about to buy online. With JUST, people can now skip the headache of creating accounts everywhere they shop online, log in or fill repetitive checkout forms ! It’s like an online shopping passport thanks to which people can buy in 1-click on a multitude of merchant sites. 

In a nutshell : 1 JUST account = 1 account for all sites = 1 click to buy everywhere, whereever you want, whenever you want! 😎

With JUST, merchants can now speed up sales with the highest converting and easy-to-use checkout experience on the internet ! No more abandoned baskets, no more long and painful experiences, no more customers who end up disappointed by a shopping experience that undermines all the work done by the brands.

JUST is the new standard of shopping : it’s time to enable 1-click checkout everywhere online !

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