70% of online shoppers abandon their cart before checkout

And you, how many visitors are you losing ?

Standard checkout

How many visitors are you losing at checkout ?
According to Baymard Institute, online stores are losing 42% of their visitors because they require them to create store accounts, to log in or to fill and repetitive checkout forms.
The average checkout time is higher than 2 minutes and needs 15 clicks to be completed.

Checkout with JUST

How many visitors are you going to convert with JUST ?
1-click checkout enables your visitors to buy without having to create an account, without having to identify themselves with a password and without filling out long forms.

Save time for your customers,
Save money for your business

JUST reduces average checkout time from 2.25 minutes to less than 15 seconds.
How ?
The first checkout that actually turns your visitors into buyers.
how it works
No signups.
No login.
No passwords.
No redirects.
No forms.
No scrolling.
No pain.
No friction.
We deliver a memorable shopping experience everywhere online.
Your shopping.
Your data.
Your privacy.

Game-changer for
online stores

Abandonment cart

Say no to abandonment cart !
JUST decreases the number of steps in the purchase funnel and improves your visitors' chances of conversion once they add an item to the cart. Personal information pages, shipping method pages, and checkout form pages are removed for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Conversion rate

We are checkout expert
In the buying funnel, the JUST experience converts twice as much as the classic purchase funnel. In the end, you will lose less customers and you will increase your sales !

Repeat customers

Let your customers come back to your store
An online store with a quick and easy shopping experience is an online store that your visitors want to return to. With JUST, customers are more loyal and you feel it.

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80% of people that start a checkout with JUST are buying. This is 3 times your standard checkout.

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We transform you cart abandonment into cash

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How to view the orders made with Just ?

Purchases with JUST show up in your dashboard with the JUST tag.

How to extract payments made with JUST?

As soon as you activate JUST on your online site, we give you access to your JUST dashboard. It will allow you to track all orders made with JUST and then extract the associated payments/transfers and the corresponding invoices.

How to refund a customer?

The refund process for a JUST order is the same as any other regular order.