Our Mission? Turn any shopping experience into an unforgettable ride!

JUST is first and foremost the story of Jérémy and Benjamin, two friends who seem to have followed each other forever. Almost two years ago, they set themselves the crazy challenge of revolutionizing online shopping. Ready to hear our story?

July 2021
It all started with an observation from our iconic duo. Today, it’s possible to order an Uber in 1-click, have your favorite pizza delivered to your doorstep, or even book a doctor's appointment in no time. Yet, online shopping remains quite complicated.
September 2021
"Ben" and "Jérém" continued to brainstorm and dreamed big. The two friends worked (very) hard to transform the online shopping experience we all know: long forms, forced customer account creation, poor UX... Thus, the early concept of JUST was born: an ultra-minimalistic and intuitive checkout form.
October 2021
It's official: JUST tests the first version of its product with an e-commerce merchant! MaLucette was our first client, cheers to the incredible team, especially Robin and Willo, for their trust. This event marks the beginning of a great adventure and an ambitious journey: JUST is clearly not going to stop there.
February 2022
Things come in threes! Benjamin and Jérémy welcome their very first employee, Anto, as Head Of Engineering. Rumor says that he’ve been to Berkeley, California, and worked with the big ones  (hello Contentsquare!).
June 2022
BIG NEWS: JUST raises €3 million from Otium Capital, BPI France, and business angels in the ecosystem. We are everywhere: featured in Les Echos, Stratégies... It fills us with great pride to see that our work and efforts are paying off. Huge thanks to those who believed in us from the beginning, and the good news is that these funds will allow us to go even further. By the way, we currently,  have around sixty partner brands!
October 2022
The JUST team is growing: sales, marketing, HR... We now have 15 super motivated JUSTers ready to do their best for our little magic button. Teamwork, team building, offsites, and sometimes even friendships — a true corporate culture that we love. We decide to make it a pillar for the years to come!
December 18, 2022
Our shopping 2.0 experience is not only pleasing to e-commerce merchants and investors.
Today, we celebrate our 100,000th user. Thank you, Bastien from Nancy! The team is ecstatic: thousands of people share our vision of online shopping!
February 2023
🚀 Rebranding
JUST gets a makeover! Brand and product-wise, we left for good our old purple and welcomed our iconic little stars. The goal? Speak to consumers, leave an impression, and establish ourselves as THE checkout solution that make consumers save time. In short, JUST is ready to conquer the world...
March 2023
The JUST family is going on vacation! Well, almost. We are heading for a week near Aix-en-Provence for an offsite. The agenda includes yoga classes, a hackathon, wine tasting, and workshops to reflect on our values. We come out of this experience closer (and tanned) than ever. Looking forward to next year's edition!
JUST continues to grow. In just two short years, we have achieved great things, including:

• Collaborating with nearly 400 brands
• Expanding our user base to 500,000
• Constantly innovating our product with features that revolutionize the sector
• Building an incredible team of JUSTers!

Buckle up, this is just the beginning!

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