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ANGARDE is, above all, a family story. The story of Alexandre and Astrid Suermondt, a brother and sister who grew up in the Basque Country. They know espadrilles well! When they were children, they wore them out completely and had to get rid of at least one pair every summer...

A few years later, our two friends decided to create durable espadrilles. Ones that withstand time, wind, sand, sun, crazy adventures, and stay with us for several years. And voilà: ANGARDE was born !

Made from recycled and 100% recyclable materials, ANGARDE shoes have become summer essentials. Whether for strolling, going to the beach, hanging out, or enjoying a glass of rosé, we appreciate their chic and casual designs.

Do you also want to install our magical button on your e-commerce website? Follow Alexandre's lead! "JUST allows our loyal customers to quickly purchase the models they love. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of our customers who use it—it's pretty amazing, honestly!" adds Alexandre, the brand's co-founder.

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