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ANJA PARIS is first and foremost the story of Alexandra Thiltgès, who, after working in the cosmetics industry, decides to launch her own business. Her motto at the beginning of this entrepreneurial adventure? To offer products "that she could miss in her daily life."

Artistic at heart, the young entrepreneur starts designing her own swimwear like no other, accompanied by Faustine Baranowski, the brand's stylist. Alexandra is quickly joined by Lucie le Tourneur d'Ison, a true expert in commerce and fashion (with 10 years of experience in the industry, all in Asia!), who takes care of the brand's development.

In short, the small project quickly becomes significant, and Anja soon becomes THE swimwear brand everyone is talking about. But what makes Anja products so unique? Firstly, their universe: we love their colorful, joyful, sophisticated yet simple and authentic world. Secondly, ANJA PARIS is eco-conscious: manufactured in Portugal using premium Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish fabrics, the swimwear is Oeko-Tex Standard certified. What does that mean? They are guaranteed to be free from any harmful substances for you or the planet.

Need an even better piece of news? All ANJA PARIS products are available with one-click purchase thanks to our magical button!

"We wanted a smooth and instant checkout process. With JUST, everything is simplified and fast," Alexandra and Lucie enthusiastically add.

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