Flotte x JUST

"I highly recommend DNVBs to use JUST because you will notice the impact on your sales from the first day," says Mickael Pan, co-founder of the 2.0 raincoats brand, Flotte.

The main challenges in Flotte's digital strategy, explains the entrepreneur, are growth and increasing the conversion rate. It was at the beginning of 2022 that Flotte opted for JUST. Since then, nearly one in five orders is paid through our platform! The entrepreneur also emphasizes that the solution was implemented quickly and easily on the brand's website.

Mickael tells you more about his experience with JUST below 👇

🚀 Our ambitions: propelling talented young e-commerce entrepreneurs

Those who have been following us for a while know that at JUST, customer relationships are particularly important to us. Indeed, trust, respect, and education are our guiding principles. Guiding our partners throughout the implementation process of the solution and even afterwards, during the initial results, is something we will NEVER change!

During our various meetings with prospects and clients, we are always amazed by the courage, creativity, and ambition that drive these inspiring brand founders. JUST is certainly a one-click shopping experience, but it is also a way for us to promote the work of young entrepreneurs who inspire us.

And we are very proud to be able to support Flotte, a brand that we are excited to introduce to you!

🌧️ Flotte: the first responsible raincoat brand

Flotte is first and foremost the story of Mickael Pan and Lily Wu, two young creatives who aspire to establish themselves as the first fashionable and responsible raincoat brand! What does that mean? Ultra-trendy and colorful models, all made from recycled plastic bottles.

From classic raincoats to rain accessories (special mention to bobs and hoods), Flotte covers women, children, and men. The brand is clearly one of those that moves forward: recent collaborations with the love brand Émoi Émoi or the green cosmetics brand Respire, Flotte knows how to capture trends, always with great finesse.

In an eco-responsible approach, the French brand commits to using 100% recycled and certified materials. Transparency is crucial for Flotte: that's why the brand guarantees the transportation of its products by boat to limit its carbon footprint.

Need one more reason to get one of their marvelous raincoats? Their fabulous models are available for one-click purchase right here!

Once again, a big thank you to Mickael for this wonderful testimonial ! 

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