C么tel茅 x JUST

The JUST team is extremely proud to work with C么tel茅 Paris. Their goal? To (re)magnify corduroy, create, and have fun. Quite a program!

C么tel茅 Paris is first and foremost a story of friendship. It all started with Alexandre Dufour and Fran莽ois Le Vaillant, who met in school. Since then, they have become a group of friends, shared vacations, numerous adventures, and even started a business together!

Ever since their post-baccalaureate studies, these two young and inspiring individuals have been discussing entrepreneurship with stars in their eyes. It was during a dinner that Alexandre and Fran莽ois made a realization: why has velvet, such a wonderful fabric, become so "outdated"?

And that's how C么tel茅 Paris was born! Soft, ribbed, and above all, offering endless possibilities for stylish clothing, velvet makes its grand comeback. And not just any velvet: it is made from organic cotton and crowned with the most demanding certifications (KBA, GOTS, and OEKO-TEX). Committed to sustainability, C么tel茅 produces its garments in France, Portugal, Germany, and Morocco.

Need even better news? C么tel茅 Paris products are available for one-click purchase! "In the age of immediacy, interactions between brands and consumers need to be simplified. Installing JUST was, therefore, an obvious choice," adds Alexandre when asked about his thoughts on JUST as an e-commerce merchant. What else?

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